Paparazzo (Teaser)

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13min / HD (Original Red 4K) / 1:1.78 / color / Dolby Digital / D 2011

Henri and Norbert are unemployed. But instead of remaining still, they come up with uncommon ideas how to get money, and have funny little adventures.

Henri Hoppe Thorsten Merten
Norbert Zage Peter Kurth
Director Timo Quistorff
Script Matthias Frahm
Cinematography Niclas Reed Middleton
Production Design Ralf Strohschein
Editing Janine Dauterich
Music Steve Patuta
Re-Recording Mix Steve Patuta / Kahlil Feegel
Production Manager Silvia Loinjak
Executive Producer Holger Lochau
Production HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam-Babelsberg

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