My Prince. My King.

My Prince. My King.


78 min / HD (Original Red Raw) / 1:2.35 / color / dolby 5.1 / D 2011

My first feature MY PRINCE. MY KING. is a film about a pedophile and his victim, focusing on their encounter ten years later. The film deals with the conflict of what happened then and how those two men cope with it today.

Mike Dale Rapley
Ritch Johannes Moss
Yusuf Oktay Khan
Script Thomas Huber
Director Ciril Braem Tscheligi
Cinematography Niclas Reed Middleton
Editing Janine Dauterich
Sound Design Benno Belke
Music Benno Belke / Johannes Malfatti
Production Manager Paul Markurt / Anne-Kathrin Gliese
Producer Anna Wendt
Co-Production Kinderfilm GmbH / HFF Potsdam
Production Anna Wendt Filmproduction



  • Film Art Festival Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2011
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2011
  • São Paulo International Film Festival 2011


  • Best Music and Sound Design (Benno Belke), Film Art Festival M-V 2011


  • Varity Reviews: ..."Tscheligi and Huber accomplish quite a bit with minimal dialogue and modest production means. Perfs are committed, and design contributions very good, highlighted by Niclas Reed Middleton's handsome widescreen photography."

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