Girl Cave

Girl cave


Girl Cave is a web series about a friendship between 3 nerdy girls, growing up in a small town, the first soft ice cream in springtime, endless hours of playing Mario Kart and about jumping over a fence that says "No entry". 

Web series (8 Episodes) / HD / 1:1,78 / color / D 2017

Julija Fine Kroke
Zada Yasmin Slama
Caro  Maja Lindner
Marco  Heiko Pinkowski
Showrunner Memo Jeftic
Script Alexandra Yu / Felix Ließ / Memo Jeftic / Christian Alt
Director Till Kleinert
Cinematography Niclas Reed Middleton
Production Design Oggi Jeftic
Lighting Marc Lontzek / Maik Uhlig
Sound Andreas Fitza
Editing Melanie Dietz
Producer Anna Woszczyk
Production Memofilm
Broadcast funk



  • "Best Non-English Series" International Academy of Web Television

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