Generation Undecided

Generation Undecided


60 min / Digi Beta (Original DVCam / Super8) / 1:1.78 / color / Dolby Stereo /
D 2008

When the director Elmar Szücs became a father, he suddenly realized that he hadn’t really achieved anything in his life. Essentially the same applied to almost all his friends: Everyone was about 30 and still right in the middle of their studies - or they were just starting to major in another subject.

Together with three of his closest school friends, the director embarks on a search for the unifying generational feeling of today’s thirty-year-olds. How did they grow up? How were they raised? What were their parents’ and teachers’ attitudes? What did they themselves expect of life? And why has everything changed so much?

During a trip to Amrum, the island of their youth, they try to answer that question. In doing so, they discover things about themselves, and a mutual generational feeling begins to develop.

They belong to the “generation undecided” that tries to keep every chance alive and refuses to make any convictions, so as not to miss any alternatives. That’s why they wait for the moment for real life to
begin. And still, in the end, they begin to understand: They are right in the middle of it.

Director / Idea
Elmar Szücs
Cinematography Niclas Reed Middleton / Elmar Szücs
Editing Simon Blasi / Elmar Szücs
Sound Recording Elmar Szücs
Music Thorsten Knoll
Sound Design Simone Weber / Konken Studios
Re-Recording Mix Thomas Knop / Konken Studios
Production Manager Sophia Rosa Schwert
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Festivals (selection)

  • International Film Festival Berlin 2009
  • Hot Docs Film Festival 2009
  • Viennale 2009
  • Taipei Film Festival Taiwan 2009
  • Fünf Seen Film Festival 2009

Awards / Nominations

  • Nominated for the German Documentary Film Award 2009


  • SWR 2009
  • WDR 2010

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