The new children of Golzow


Feature Documentary / 90 min / HD / 1:1.85 / color / D 2017

"There is a film museum in Golzow, a small town in the Oderbruch in Brandenburg. This is where from 1961 to 2007 one of the biggest long-term projects in film history, entitled “The Children of Golzow”, was produced, a chronicle of its inhabitants from their first school day to long after the reunification. The school was almost closed in the meantime, for even Golzow is not exempt from the problems of the region: people move into the cities, shops close down, the society is aging and falling apart.

But new children are coming to Golzow – the children of Syrian refugee families. Quite calmly and with a sharp eye for the beauty of situations Simone Catharina Gaul illuminates the everyday life of integration in the country. The newcomers learn German and fishing, attend drills of the voluntary fire fighters and sing German children’s songs. “The most beautiful sight: a school with kids”, the mayor once says, pointing at the schoolyard behind him. Indeed, it is the most beautiful sight! For this is where “The New Children of Golzow” reach the point where “The Children of Golzow” began in 1961."

Lukas Stern (DOK Leipzig)

Production Indi Film
Producer Dietmar Ratsch / Arek Gielnik
Director / Script
Simone Gaul
Co-Director Jana Bürgelin
Idea John Reed Middleton
Cinematography Niclas Reed Middleton
Sound Dominik Leube / Oscar Stiebitz
Editing Jan Biehl
Colour Grading Tilman Holzhauer
Funding FFA Script Funding 
Broadcast SWR / MDR



  • Dok Leipzig 2017 (Weltpremiere)

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